Kaila Edmondson, an award-winning graduate from the Robert Busch School of Design has been working in the design field for three years. Kaila has a strong knowledge in the Adobe Creative Suite programs with a focus in InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator. Kaila’s ability to work efficiently in a fast paced environment while managing clientele has currently allowed her to succeed in producing and managing a nationally distributed magazine. Below is a list of other achievements she's also accomplished.


2009 — Certificate for NOCTI

2014  — Featured artwork in Nimble: Thinking Creatively in Digital Age                 by Robin Landa

2015  — Lead Designer on PTSDJournal’s first issue

2016  — NJAD Club Jersey Awards - Best of Out of Box 

              Agency: Gruskin Group

              Advertiser: Lake George Council on the Arts

              Title: Jazz at the Lake - Lakeside Banner

              C.D. Jeff Barcan    

              Graphic Designer: Kaila Edmondson

2016  — NJAD Club Jersey Awards - Publications 

              Agency/Advertiser: Gruskin Group

              Title: PTSDJournal

              C.D.  & A.E. Bob Lyons    

              Graphic Designer: Kaila Edmondson

2016/2017 — Lead Designer/Production Manager for PTSDJournal

2017 — Design Fundamentals book signing